SANEC - Facilitating International Business

With 25 years of experience as of 2017, The Southern African Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (SANEC) is the key intermediary for companies, organisations and entrepreneurs doing business or seeking to do business in and between the Netherlands, South Africa, the Benelux and the Southern African region (SADC).

SANEC is the key facilitator when it comes to a wide range of professional services that enables members and partners to successfully import, export and invest. With offices in The Hague, Johannesburg and Cape Town, SANEC assists their 450 members with a wide range of benefits that will help start your new or accelerate your current business on an international level and locally successful business ventures to be to assist companies, entrepreneurs, NGO's, local and national government and knowledge institutions.

Joining SANEC will give you access to expertise, knowledge, (potential) new trustable business partners, business opportunities, product/service promotion, life style & travel service and a wide range of tailor made business support services. We keep your business connected to new opportunities and with specific knowledge and expertise.

It is SANEC’s core business to guide you in doing business in and between Southern Africa and the Netherlands. Having close contacts with both the public and the private sector in both regions, SANEC is able to open doors for you and to offer you custom made services to fit the individual needs of your company or organisation. Whether you would like to join a trade mission or an informative session in order to explore your business opportunities or if you prefer to receive answers to questions specific to your company, SANEC is at your service.

Wide range of services
SANEC offers a wide range of services for members. These services vary from market entry assistance, business support in the Dutch and Southern African market as well as facilitating Trade & Investment Promotion focused on particular sectors. Networking is one of our core strengths and we try to bring as many people together, either through matchmaking sessions or events in the business community. Herewith, its aim is to achieve closer economic ties and better mutual understanding between the regions.

Gateway to SADC
Through its 450 members and other stakeholders, SANEC promotes the Netherlands as the entrance to the rest of Europe and South Africa as the ‘gateway’ to the SADC region.

Extensive business network
With a considerable presence in Johannesburg, Cape Town and The Hague, SANEC is ideally positioned to offer an extensive business network. This network and local knowledge is an invaluable resource to Southern African and Dutch entrepreneurs. SANEC facilitates cooperation and consultation with governments and relevant (business) organisations in southern Africa and The Netherlands, therefore assisting in the setting up public-private partnerships.

Boosting economy
The launch and subsequent growth of SANEC over the past two decades reflects the rapid development of trade between Southern Africa and the Netherlands. In boosting economic relations SANEC has played a very active role in close co-operation with business, government and other trade promotion agencies.

Joining the SANEC network opens doors to an intensive network, special events and various business activities. Please contact us if you wish to obtain more information.