Market Entry

There is a variety of ways in which a company can enter the Dutch, European and/or southern African market. There is no one size fits all market entry strategy for these markets. Whether you have already identified your market entry strategy, or it is still a blank page, SANEC is able to provide you with important answers, advice and assistance. We find that the best chances of success are achieved by understanding your business and markets.

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with relevant information. These are the following services that we offer:


A quick scan is a swift- thorough investigation focusing on a general or a specific field within the target market. A quick scan is the first step in the advisory process. The primary aim of a quick scan is to advise your company of the further steps that are needed to enter a market.


Market research
Market research is tailored information connecting your business to opportunities in southern Africa and the Benelux. SANEC offers the following information:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Customer analysis.


When entering a new market, the relevance of a network is key. SANEC opens the right doors for you. We can introduce you to the relevant institutions and future business partners. We enable matchmaking through tailor-made one-on-one business meetings.

A similar service is provided to those taking part in a SANEC trade or fact finding mission. Via individual matchmaking SANEC will assist you in finding potential business partners such as: agents, joint venture partners, importers, distributors, investor’s etc.


Trade mission

Multi-sector trade missions
SANEC facilitates (multi) sector trade missions throughout the year on behalf of or in cooperation with partners. Our missions offer companies and organisations the unique opportunity to explore and investigate opportunities in a focus country or to expand existing contacts and activities. Through tailor-made programmes, consisting of matchmaking sessions, company visits, informative seminars and networking events, parties are given the chance to shape their international ambitions and also to realise them.

Individual trade mission
Specifically for individual companies or organisations SANEC offers tailor-made trade missions, focussing on our clients wishes. A detailed programme can be offered to explore, meet, and investigate opportunities in the desired region and field. Matchmaking and site visits will be organised in a personal way and we connect you to the relevant partners in the business and government sector to ensure a highly effective mission.

Fact-finding mission
When your organisation is aiming at launching a project or business in southern Africa or the Netherlands, you need enough information to make a weighted decision. In this case, a fact-finding mission might be the solution. A fact-finding mission includes site visits to relevant sector projects, informative meetings with the public and private sector, sector specific information workshops, presentations and inspiring networking sessions. All the ingredients to provide the necessary information to decide on the next steps you will make to possibly rollout your ideas.