Programme Cluster Management

If you wish to roll out your business in southern Africa, the Netherlands or broader Europe, the SANEC team has the perfect solution for your business. Our Programme Cluster Management service offers you, or in cluster approach with other companies, many elements that help you get your marketing, market entry and business plan going. The team can help you with the foundation of a strategy, the execution and funding of it, finding business and local governmental partners and much more to assist in accelerating your business.

We think beyond borders and have local expertise to take your company or organisation to the next level. Our physical presence in the regions allows us to introduce the concept, to lobby for it with key stakeholders in the industry and open doors on municipal, provincial and national level. The programme cluster management service can consist of many different elements. However it involves SANEC becoming a partner in a project or programme, temporarily or permanently.

Partnership engagement with SANEC offers extensive benefits as it enables us to take an inclusive and hands on approach towards making it successful. It allows us to take the concept, product, programme or service to relevant private and public parties that SANEC liaises with on a regular basis. We find that our local presence and established networks create trustworthiness with local stakeholders that you wish to get in contact with.

Elements that a service package can include are:

  • Strategy development
  • Creating awareness
  • Market research
  • Marketing
  • Holding local office and local representation
  • Proactive networking on behalf of the project/programme
  • Engaging with potential partners
  • Driving the strategy forward locally.

SANEC is open to discuss and negotiate the different facets and various forms of arrangements, which suit your needs.

Our current programmes are:


Three new cluster programmes in 2014!
In 2014, SANEC is developing three new cluster programmes: BPO, Medical & Life Sciences and Airport Development & Aviation Africa.


Manufacturing Accelerator Programme
SANEC, Dutch business software developer Isah Business Software and South African engineering consultant Rifle Shot Performance Holdings have jointly developed the Manufacturing Accelerator Programme (MAP). The partnership aims at improving productivity and competitiveness of the manufacturing sector in southern Africa. SANEC’s role in the partnership is summarized as programme management, operational management of the MAP Programme, active networking and lobbying on behalf of MAP, marketing activities, local representation and approaching and opening doors at diverse potential counterparts locally. This has resulted in first MAP implementations to go live in the beginning of 2014, and local funding allocation for the programme. Interested? Please contact our office in Johannesburg.


Creative Industry (CI) Desk Programme
SANEC in co-operation with The Art of Doing Business (TAODB) and C13 Office for Creative Development joined forces to create the SANEC Creative Industry Desk in Cape Town. The desk is there for those businesses active in the creative industry. The CI Desk will promote, support and connect creative entrepreneurs and innovators from both South Africa and the Netherlands creating a network and setting up a community. In 2014 the SANEC-CI Desk will focus primarily on the design discipline (in its widest definition) as Cape Town is World Design Capital 2014. We invite companies active in the creative field to meet us at the Netherlands Consulate General in Cape Town where we host offices since the first of January, 2014. More information.


NAFTC Southern Africa
Food Security is of great essence in current times where food sources are not equally divided. The Netherlands Agro Food & Technology (NAFTC) southern Africa is launched to safeguard food security. NAFTC is a worldwide initiative with localised semi-official status in the ‘golden triangle’ (business, R&D institutions & government). For NAFTC southern Africa, SANEC is the operational manager, aiming to facilitate business, lead generation and business development for Dutch organisations in the agro-food value chains (fresh produce, potato, fruit & vegetables, meat & feed, dairy, bakery, cold chain). Actively involved in agriculture and interested in opportunities in southern Africa? Please contact our offices for more information on joining NAFTC Southern Africa.


Port & Corridor Programme
Over the last three years, SANEC has been managing a cooperation programme which consisted of a consortium of approximately 15 Dutch port, corridor, transport and infrastructure related companies with joint interests in southern Africa. The cooperation has resulted in market studies ensuing in great transparency and prospective opportunities for the Dutch parties. During the programme SANEC built a track record in the field of Port & Corridor development. As a result of this partnership, many local stakeholders hosted delegation members and shared knowledge to put Dutch technology and expertise on the agenda of southern African counterparts. We invite Port & Corridor sector members to contact us for more information. Detailed information can be found on