What we do

It is SANEC’s core business to facilitate entrepreneurs and organizations in doing successful business in and between southern Africa and the Netherlands. Being a SANEC member or becoming a new member will make a difference for you and your company. Our team will support you to the uttermost to create a membership that will meet all your needs.

On the following pages you will find a detailed description of our services, to showcase how your organisation can benefit from the SANEC expertise and her network. To become a SANEC member we invite you for an intake at one of our offices in the Hague, Johannesburg or Cape Town. We welcome freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs, Small & Medium Enterprises and large corporates and multinationals.


We offer our 400 members based in the Netherlands and South Africa a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • Members in Business Cocktails;
  • Member2Member Benefit Programme;
  • PR & communication exposure;
  • Roundtables and information sessions;
  • Preferential treatment and references;
  • Provision of direct contacts and links;
  • Discounts on services and events.


Alongside these member benefits, we offer additional business development services for our members and non-members (clients, partners etc.) These include:


These services are to the benefit of your business development, and we therefore further describe them on the following pages. Discover what SANEC can do for you!