Become a SANEC member

  • NL
    • Memberships are company/ organization bound, a member company/ organization can have several contact persons.
    • The company/ organization is liable for payment of the membership fee.
    • Should the contact person motioned above leave the company, please provide SANEC with the new contact within the company/ organization
    • Memberships should be cancelled in writing before the 1st of December prior to the new calendar year.
    • Memberships will automatically continue with every new calendar year.
    • Member Company/ organization agrees to receive various SANEC communications.
  • SA
    1. Upon the signing of this membership application form, the applicant firm agrees to pay, upon the presentations of SANEC's invoice (subject to the payment terms set forth below), its usual membership fee as applicable to the the applicant.
    2. Membership fees will be charged annually, in advance and are subject to escalation on annual basis.
    3. Payment of the membership fee must be made in full, in a single installment an d is not subject to deduction or set-off for and reason whatsoever.
    4. Payment terms are strictly thirty days from the date of invoice
    5. Payment can be made by means of the following:
      1. Electronic funds transfer
      2. Direct deposit
      3. Cheque
      4. SANEC account details: Nedbank
        Account number: 1933 048654
        Branche code: 193 305
        Branch: Sandown
      5. When making payments, please state your invoice number as your reference number
    6. Cancellation of membership:
      1. Writing cancellation of membership is to be received by SANEC not the less than one month prior to the anniversary of the date upon which the Member's membership first became effective.
      2. If not written notice of cancellation is received, the member will be deemed to have renewed its membership and SANEC will invoice the member accordingly
    7. Member company/ organization agrees to receive various SANEC communications.

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