Netherlands Namibia Business Group

The Netherlands - Namibia Business Group is a business promotion platform focused on facilitating entrepreneurs and organisations in doing successful business in and between the Netherlands and Namibia.  SANEC offers this platform as a separate service to our members. We guide business between the two countries by having close contacts with both the public and the private sector in both regions. In close connection with our Dutch and Namibian consuls and companies, SANEC is able to open doors for you and offer custom made services based on your needs for doing business in and between the Netherlands and Namibia.


Joining the Netherlands - Namibia Business Group as a SANEC Member, allows you to:

  • Find partners or join forces with organisations in your sector
  • Make your business matters well-known to government and public stakeholders
  • Collaborate with knowledge institutions and multidisciplinary experts & consultants
  • Be informed about facilitated opportunities (e.g. export, investment projects, tenders).


The Netherlands - Namibia Business Group will give insight into bilateral business relations. This allows you to react to opportunities and challenges in international trade, react to international investment competitors, such as China, and influence relationship between business – government – knowledge institutions. Our cluster of Dutch and Namibian private, public and knowledge parties is involved in - but not limited to -  the following identified sectors:

  • Agriculture / livestock farming
  • Aquaculture
  • Infrastructure
  • Minerals
  • Tourism
  • Transport & Logistics



We offer several services directed towards business in the Netherlands and Namibia. Our platform provides an annual agenda with cross cutting themes, events, roundtables and networking activities on the Netherlands and Namibia. 

With constructive marketing and communication tools, SANEC promotes your business projects and sector in a passive and active way. We keep you informed with important business related news on Namibia and offer networking opportunities through matchmakings sessions and events inside the Dutch-Namibian business community.



SANEC Members wishing to obtain more information on the Netherlands - Namibia Business Group or would like to join the business platform, can contact:

[email protected]