Connecting @ Members in Business Cocktail

Date: 13-03-2013

Location: FMO,The Hague / The Netherlands

The first Members in Business Cocktail of 2013 was hosted by FMO, the entrepreneurial development bank. This cocktail was extra special, because of the launch of the Business Directory 2013 and the launch of the Port & Corridor website.

Chief Risk & Finance Officer of FMO, Nico Pijl, welcomed SANEC members and guests at this special edition of the Members in Business Cocktail. FMO supports sustainable private sector growth in developing and emerging markets, especially in Africa, by investing in ambitious companies. According to Mr. Pijl, entrepreneurship is key in creating sustainable economic growth.

The importance of cooperation between the private and public sector was highlighted again by Director Sustainable Economic Development and Ambassador for Private Sector & Development Cooperation from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Jeroen Roodenburg. During the launch of the Port & Corridor website, he argued that especially in the development of ports and corridors, cooperation between private and public sector is crucial.

This first launch was followed by the launch of the Business Directory 2013. H.E. Ana Nemba Uaiene, Chair SADC and Ambassador of Mozambique, H.E. Peter Goosen, Ambassador of South Africa, Frans Engering, Chairman SANEC, and Nico Pijl, Chief Risk & Finance Officer of FMO, were asked to strategize and make the connection to reveal the cover of the Business Directory 2013. Ambassador of Mozambique and Chair SADC H.E. Ana Nemba Uaiene took the opportunity to motivate all attending parties to connect.

After the launches, SANEC members and guests were invited for a drink and to network. During this networking drink, the advice of the key-note speakers was taken into practice and valuable connections were made between public and private sector parties.

SANEC would like to thank its key-note speakers for their inspirational speeches and FMO for hosting this special Members in Business Cocktail. 


Video of Launch Port & Corridor Website

Video of Launch Business Directory 2013