Democratic Republic of Congo Trade and Investment Forum

Date: 29-10-2014

Location: Noordwijk / The Netherlands

Democratic Republic of Congo Trade and Investment Forum

On the 29th of October 2014 the Democratic Republic of Congo Trade and Investment Forum took place. The Forum marked a prominent and renowned moment for the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was the first of many future meetings to come for both countries. This was a chance for these two great nations to discover the potential and opportunities that exist in their respective countries, and for Dutch businesses to consider the Democratic Republic of Congo as a business destination. The event, that was held at the most distinguished and alluring Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk overlooking the scenic beaches, was organised by SANEC and NABC with sponsorship from PHILLIPS as well as support from the Embassy of The Democratic of Republic of Congo and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

The DRC-Netherlands Trade and Investment Forum was led by Prime-Minister H.E Mr Matata Mponyo Augustin and his delegation of Ministers, which included the Minister of Finance, Minister of Transport, Minister of Trade and Industry and Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Minister of Finance gave an interesting presentation on the growth statistics of the DRC for the next upcoming years. The Forum marked the dawn of new business creation for companies, entrepreneurs and organisation from both countries who have found interest in various sectors. The goal of the event was securing and developing business partnerships. To summarise the event; its aimed at creating a solid foundation for foreign trade relation that would exist to concretize a connection between the DRC and the Netherlands business community.

SANEC sees the DRC as a great new player in the African continent because of its fast growing economy, location and diversity in sectors. The DRC is currently in the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world (8.5% in 2014, and 8.7% in 2015 respectively according to IMF World Economic Outlook), which offers vast amounts of trade and commerce opportunities. In the past 20 years the country has been through many changes politically and economically. As indication, in 1994 the inflation was measured at 10000%, where as in the year 2014 this was measured at 1%.

Heineken presented on their collaboration with BRALIMA (a brewing company in the DRC which has 5 plants in the different regions of the country) and how they are best organisation to create employment in the DRC. VLISCO Group gave a very impressive presentation about the their role in the DRC textile market, as well as empowering young women in the continent to take their passion for fashion to the next level.

The event was a huge success surrounded by a positive atmosphere deemed to reflect on the business environment that exists in the DRC. It invites Dutch organisations to work hand-in-hand to building, creating and shaping foreign lasting relations between both countries. SANEC would like to thank all the participants and all who were involved in making the event a success; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands; the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Belgium; Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin and NABC.

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