Roundtable session Schiphol Cargo on Air Cargo Africa

Date: 20-02-2013

Location: Johannesburg / South Africa

On 20 February, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, in cooperation with SANEC, facilitated a roundtable discussion session under the title ‘Perfecting the Africa-Europe Cool Chain’ at this year's Air Cargo Africa Conference.

The sessions were well attended. 80 prominent key players active in the African cool value chain, featured speakers from the entire supply chain and governmental bodies came together. The objective of the roundtable session were; bringing together growers, freight agents, handlers, airlines, cool chain experts and other stakeholders in open forum. Aim was to identify and begin to solve challenges, skills gaps and bottlenecks in the Africa-Europe cool chain. Due to in-depth and active debates this was successfully achieved. The interactive session reflected Africa's huge importance as a producer and exporter of cut flowers.