SANEC and NAG Roundtable Airport Developement Initiative Southern Africa

Date: 16-02-2016

Location: The Hague / The Netherlands

SANEC & NAG (Netherlands Aerospace Group) organized a Roundtable on the Airport Development Initiative Southern Africa. On behalf of the RVO, two parties collaborated on a report regarding the current situation and opportunities for future projects and investments in the Southern African aviation and airport sector. The final report will be published by the RVO, SANEC and NAG in March 2016.

The findings of the report were the starting point of the event. The event was hosted by NACO, at their The Hague headquarters. Enterprises from various fields were present to discuss business opportunities in the aviation and airport sector. SANEC and NAG kicked off by presenting their preliminary findings on the topic. BAM International and NACO shared their insights and experiences in this specific field. An interesting plenary discussion followed and a collective approach was suggested. A follow-up was proposed and actions will be taken to further explore the possibilities for a collective approach. Afterwards, the participants were able to exchange ideas during the lunch, that was offered by NACO. 

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