SANEC's SADC Annual Ambassadors Luncheon at Crown Plaza

SANEC's SADC Annual Ambassadors Luncheon at Crown Plaza

Type: Networking event

Date: 30-06-2017

Location: The Hague / The Netherlands

The SADC Ambassadors Luncheon is back for another year and SANEC is pleased to announce that this year it will be held at the luxurious Crown Plaza in The Hague. The afternoon will provide a unique opportunity for the Dutch enterprises to connect with the Ambassadors from the different SADC Embassies in order to discuss business, trade, and investment opportunities in the destination of their choice. Additionally, SANEC will be facilitating a formal match-making session to assist the attndees to find the right partner for their next business venture. As every year, the SADC Ambassadors Luncheon is a prepaid event for both members and non-members.

The cost of the afternoon activity is as follows:

  • Members: € 75,-
  • Non-members: € 100,-

For additional information and registration, please get in contact with the Project Coordinator of SADC Region, Babu Charles Katanga by sending him an e-mail to [email protected]