May 23rd, 2013

Heidi Grimmer - ABBC

Heidi Grimmer

Place of residence
Sandton; Johannesburg, South Africa

Managing Director of ABBC



ABBC was founded by Heidi Grimmer on the passion to make a difference in SA, by bringing Heidi's corporate experience to small and medium sized businesses. The company has been in business since March 2010.

Core Business
Our Company specializes in providing sustainable enterprise and supplier development solutions to the food and beverage manufacturing industry. We actively look for technology and science based opportunities in the supply chain of corporates. Where such an opportunity cannot be matched to an existing black woman owned business, we establish these businesses. During this process we find the beneficiary, ensure all regulatory and tax compliance, as well provide technical and business coaching. At the end of each financial year, a detailed report of enterprise development input and impact is presented to the enterprise development contributor. This provides valuable input for continued future support as well evidence for the BBBEE verification agency. Our customized service offering includes new product/service and market development, business start-up consulting and training required for business and enterprise development.

Biggest business challenge
Managing growth while still being able to offer highly customised solutions to our clients .

How does your company differentiate itself from companies in the same branch?
Our focus is on working with science graduates who have the desire to run their own businesses and who can be matched to corporate enterprise or supply chain development opportunities. Furthermore, because we support the businesses for 2 to 3 years, we work with fewer businesses. This ensures that the business owners are assisted through the challenging start-up phases, increasing their changes of long term survival and ability to create employment.

Why did you become a member of the SANEC network?
Besides developing new business opportunities for our own company, we like to establish relationships with organisations that we can share with the businesses we mentor.

What is your connection to southern Africa?
I was born and educated in South Africa and spent most of my life here. When my father was transferred to the South African Embassy in Bonn, I attended high school for 4 years Germany. I was worked for 6 months in Naarden, Holland..

What is your favorite destination and why?
Amsterdam as it has the fantastic Rijksmuseum, a heaven for an art lover. Holland with its good public transport makes planning and going out on weekend trips fun and interesting.

Which item can always be found in your business suitcase?
Always a full set of clothes to change into in case my luggage gets lost. Usually a book on personal development or something inspirational.

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