July 21st, 2015

Interview with Mr.Croker - COO ISSI Association

Interview with Mr.Croker

COO ISSI Association


1. How could you best describe your organization?

How could you best describe our organization? I think to answer that question you would need to know something of the history of ISSI Association. The company was created to marry two philosophies and a large range of different services. Multi-modal Services ranging from Education, training, Strategic local Security, Global logistic Security, to Airfreight Compliance Validation according to EU legislation, Logistics, Aviation Security, Terrorism Prevention and Predictive Profiling. By combining these services under one banner we were able to offer a competitive service at a realistic price. So how would I describe the ISSI Association? That we are a fully integrated Security company operating within the Aviation, Logistical and Security Sectors within Global markets.

2. What makes your products/ company/ service different from others?

Service. Trust worthiness, Honesty Hard work, Communication. Our ability to listen to what a client is trying to communicating, what his actual needs are and provide a solution, even if it means thinking ‘out of the box’. All within our ‘One Stop Shop’ ethos.

3. What customers can expect from your company?

Most companies today are not looking for a quick fix to a challenge. In fact. In to-days market companies seek a more permanent but flexible solution. One that can be adapted to their conditions and working practices. Through our large base of expertise we are able to offer a multitude of solutions solely directed at helping to solve any challenges that arise. Challenges that we approach with the same ethos we offer any client. Hard work, honesty, dedication and a willingness to put the client first.

4. Why did you start working in the industry you do?

Given that some three to four billion dollars of goods are stolen yearly from the Logistics sector alone and that very little is ever found we knew there was a gap in the market. Too many security companies offer the standard solutions to robbery, theft, hi-jacking etc. We as a Security business go beyond the standard solutions to the growing problem. By making the clients challenges our challenges we knew we could offer a better and more detailed service to what is a global, and a very ‘close to home’ problem.

5. What have your biggest obstacles been in trying to expand your organisation?

As a company we refuse to say that there are problems or obstacles but refocus that energy to Challenges we face. Every company faces their own challenge, and we at ISSI Association are no different. Whether it is regulation, cultural, it’s something we all share.

6. How can SANEC help with positioning of your company?

We see SANEC as a facilitator. One that marries and channels different ideas and opportunities between two participating parties. Because of SANEC’s unique position and the skill set within the company we look forward to using that skill to promote our company and the unique services and skill we offer. We also see SANEC using their unique skills to promote and mediate between potential clients as we offer our high level logistics related security services.



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