November 17th, 2016

Interview with Phichique


1.           How could you best describe your organization? 

Phichique, founded in 2015, is based in Alkmaar (The Netherlands) and focuses on the international trade. Phichique specializes in the trade of agricultural products, technical goods and equipment. Our enthusiastic, creative and proactive team is familiar with the current (technological) products and can help their customers to build distribution networks abroad. Our determination and perseverance will launch entrepreneurs into the trade market of southern Africa.

2.           What makes your organization/ company/ service different from others? 

First of all, our team includes creative and enthusiastic people with marketing as well as social skills. Furthermore we value our different approach, based on integrity, equality, durability and transparency. Finally, our customer oriented policy distinguishes us from others.

3.           What can customers expect from your organization?

We offer them our experience, our knowledge, our skills and our perseverance, so they can generate their business. Currently, we are active in countries such as Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Pakistan and China. 

4.           Why did you start working in the industry you do?

From a creative process, the idea rose to build a trade route between Europe and Botswana. We found out that Botswana is being considered as a  reliable partner, politically, economically as well as it concerns both the civil and state society. Our developed network in Botswana embraces our objective and will generate need.

5.           What have your biggest obstacles been in trying to expand your organization? 

Distrust of companies, financial institutes and various advisors towards the “unknown Africa”, we could see as an obstacle. We always take warnings, valid or not, seriously. Herewith we examine every step we take in the process. During this process we don’t keep out of this obstacles, but we deal with them powerful and resilient. Because of SANEC is experiences and feeling at home in southern Africa, we feel supported with our project.

6.           How can SANEC help with positioning your company?

We want to establish a trade route towards Botswana. SANEC can support us by giving the understanding, the accompany and support to accelerate our plans