Mr. E. T Letopa

Place of Residence
Johannesburg, South Africa

Name Organization
Proban I.T System S.A

Proban is a commercial banking and financial services Information Technology Company

What is the core business of you company? 
To provide financial and Administration and card management to various Institutions and companies concerning the allocation of bursary funds and / or Payroll services and fund management for Financial Services development of employee benefit program using a bank debit card.

What is the biggest business challenge for your company? 
To grow into South African Markets.

How does your company differentiate itself from companies in the same branch?
We have sophisticated software that integrates solutions in I.T Services.

Why did you become a member of the SANEC network?
Sanec opens doors to an intensive network, special events and business activities. To have access to over 400 companies within the Sanec Network. Access to valuable contacts in Southern Africa and Benelux such as governments and NGO’s

Can you tell us more about the progress that you have been making after your participation in the SANEC/GGDA Trade Mission to the Netherlands last November 2011?
Development of our Company offerings. We have gained partnership with International Companies. We have established International Standards.

What is the best business advice that you have ever received?
Networking open opportunities if you are an open minded enterprise.