April 16th, 2013

Rico Potter - Sitrus Foundation

Rico Potter

Place of residence
Den Hout – Oosterhout, the Netherlands

Owner of Versafood, sponsor of Sitrus Foundation



Core Business
Neutral knowledge platform with full focus on citrus or sitrus in the supply chain.

Biggest business challenge
To change the mindset in the chain, from producer to consumer. We want to create more efficiency and accountability, and shorter lines to the consumer.

What is Tour for Life?
Tour for Life is an initiative to raise money for Doctors Without Borders-Holland. People can participate in the Tour for Life as a team. Teams consist of six to twelve riders. Each team has to collect at least 15.000 euros in sponsorship funding. The tour is divided into eight stages through many mountain ranges from Italy to the Netherlands. In total, the tour covers 1250 kilometers.

How does Sitrus support the Tour for Life?
Sitrus is the main sponsor for Tour for Life and has its own team: Team Sitrus-Cycle. Team Sitrus-Cycle consists of 12 enthusiastic riders and team supervisors. Next to cycling, Sitrus supports the Tour for Life by supplying fruit during the entire tour, from oranges to bananas.

Why are these initiatives important?
The money that is raised by Tour for Life will go to Doctors Without Borders. This is improtant because it enables Doctors Without Borders to carry out its lifesaving work. One team of Tour for Life has to raise a minimum of 15.000 euros for which Doctors Without Borders can arrange an entire mobile helping post and a medical emergency toolkit.

What can other SANEC members do to support this initiative?
SANEC members can support the Sitrus Cycle team by going to  the Tour For Life website  to sponsor one or more of our riders. 

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