August 8th, 2012

Mr. de Haan - De Haan Relocation

Wim de Haan

Place of residence

De Haan Relocation



What is the core business of you company?
Helping people and organizations relocate in an easy way. De Haan is a well-known international moving company and part of the FIDI association. De Haan belongs to the One-group, a global service provider with 40 branches in Europe.

What is the biggest business challenge for your company?
To stay ahead of international competition with a focus on the personal site of the business. Working with highly educated and well-experienced team we try to offer the highest quality in the moving and relocation services all over the world.

How does your company differentiate itself from other companies in the relocation industry?
De Haan is trusted for over 235 years for its high service and focus on quality. Besides our FAIM ISO certificate, OMNI membership and multiple quality systems, the Dutch customs also awarded De Haan with the AEO certificate. De Haan differentiates itself by investing in our relationships with international agents for over decades. For southern Africa this means that we personally know all agents in the South of Africa, which guarantees our customers a premier services at the best value for money.

What do you think is the most important service you offer to business people/companies?
Our services are all about helping our clients relocate in the best possible way. We focus on communication with the expat or the HR department as part of our customer approach. We hope to serve our business partners in a way that the assignee and his/her family feels at home as soon as possible so the assignment will be a success.

What is your connection to southern Africa?
We were the first Dutch mover to move people to southern Africa. During many years, we have built a very strong relation with our southern African partners, so we can offer the best for our clients. It truly is a specialism relocating people to and from southern Africa.

Why did you become a member of the SANEC network?
De Haan finds it a logical step to be involved in the SANEC network. We hope to add value to the network in providing tips and advices, or help organisations grow business in southern Africa.

How do De Haan Relocation en SANEC work together?
We work together on different aspects. We provide SANEC with advise, SANEC helps De Haan with finding new business opportunities. In the past months we helped SANEC relocate to the new premises in The Hague.

Why should companies choose De Haan Relocation to arrange their removal?
De Haan is the specialist in relocating between The Netherlands and southern Africa. We are member of the Professional Movers Association in Africa and visit the congresses. By investing in this region, we know all about the customs regulations and the way to treat household goods removals. The experienced personal guarantee a truly premier moving and relocation service at the best possible price. The best start for your family and new business – worldwide.