11 March 2016

Dutch female top designer wants to illuminate the women of Africa with solar light

“I have made lamps for many years, works of art for the royals and the rappers. Now I want to develop lamps for the people of Africa." Speaking is the Dutch top designer Annet van Egmond who is about to embark on the Dutch trade mission to South Africa in the company of Prime Minister Rutte.
Annet van Egmond was until recently founder and co owner of Brand van Egmond. The company based in Naarden is renowned for its light sculptures. Much of her inspiration Van Egmond found in Africa. That’s why now she has left it’s a logical step for her to give something back to Africa.
“The sun is free and is always available in Africa. That’s why I’ve designed two lamps based on solar cell technology. The Puck is made by a woman for a woman. The light is wearable on the wrist, arm or on clothing. Puck gives safety when walking along the unlit roads on the way home in the evening. The Puck is designed in such a way that it also fits on a bottle in the house. Children can now read at home and do their homework. The light also improves safety and the atmosphere in the home.“
“I feel everybody has a right to home lighting. That’s why I also developed the Miss Nightingale. This lamp is a little more fancy than the Puck and wouldn’t look bad on the garden or kitchen table in our home.“
“Both lamps are good, affordable and durable. A big advantage of course is that the solar cell technology replaces the polluting kerosene lamps and therefore contributes to people’s health.”
“Bringing light to the people of Africa is my mission. In the townships as well as the remote areas. I’m looking for a business partner who wants to help me and who shares my mission.”