21 May 2015

SANEC Board appoints Sekgametsi Lethiba as temporary Interim General Manager in South Africa

As recommended by the Board of Directors, on the 1st of May 2015, Ms. Sekgametsi Pearl Lethiba was appointed temporary SANEC Interim General Manager in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Ms. Lethiba joined SANEC as a Project Management Assistant, working her way up to a permanent position as Project Manager and Management Assistant. This position allowed her to work closely with the General Manager, playing an advisory role, while giving her the opportunity to introduce herself as a leader to the SANEC Board of Directors, stakeholders and colleagues in South Africa and The Netherlands.

Ms Lethiba's time as Project Manager and Management Assistant at SANEC gave her much needed international experience in business development and investment facilitation. She now holds understanding of both the South African and Netherlands markets and business cultures. Initiating projects like the B-BBEE Desk, a “one-stop-shop” service to SANEC members, taught her to interact effectively with others, to plan, organize and to analyze situations in critical and creative ways. It is through this project and many others, that the culture of collaboration has been recognized as an effective method to “get things done”.

Being Management Assistant granted her the opportunity to contribute in a direction setting for the team and the organization. She worked closely with the General Manager where she has advised the revision of the membership structure and the increase of fees, interviewed and recruited colleagues, attended meetings with her, assisted in proposal drafting and represented her in her absence. Her team and stakeholders have been witness to Ms. Lethiba’s role as a leader in the organization. When needed, she has provided the vision and motivation to the team so they work together toward the same goal. She has placed effort in understanding the talents and temperaments of each individual to place them in roles they will thrive in.

Contact Information:
+27 (0) 11 568 1234 or +27 (0) 81 715 9474